Review: Legend Golf and Safari Resort

Legend Golf PhysEQFiT African Tracks Safaris

The ultimate bush experience!

We recently visited Legend Golf and Safari Resort in Limpopo province, a mere 2 ½ hours’ drive from Pretoria. Nestled amongst the foothills of the Waterberg mountains, Legend Golf and Safari Resort, home to the Big 5, hosted us to an exquisite African bush and golfing experience. Giraffe, wildebeest and vervet monkeys greeted us on arrival. A warm welcome at reception complimented our arrival. I was treated to a relaxing neck massage by members of staff of the Legend Golf and Safari Resort health spa while my partner was checking us in.

Legend Golf PhysEQFiT African Tracks Safaris

Came 16:00 and off we went on a sunset safari drive. Serene beauty surrounded us. Wildebeest, Warthog, Impala, Blesbuck and White Rhino were soon spotted on the open planes and Hippo in a nearby dam. A gigantic crocodile obstructed our passage just as we were about to cross the dam wall, forcing us to search for an alternative route. I found it heart-warming to have a lady safari guide conducting our afternoon safari, not an easy task considering the terrain while keeping a rugged safari vehicle on track. I love elephants and asked our safari guide if any were around, she happily offered to search and about two hours into the safari an elephant was spotted, pretty close too.

Legend Golf PhysEQFiT African Track

As the day quietly drew to a close, snacks and drinks were served against the backdrop of the African sun quietly settling in for the night. Our Safari drive continued…… the starlit sky was amazing, the milky way, the southern cross clearly visible, an exquisite experience filled with absolute beauty of South Africa’s bush and wildlife.

Legend Golf PhysEQFiT African Tracks Safaris

Playing golf on a golf course that was recently named one of the top-9 golf courses in the world is a dream come true for any avid golfer. Even more so because of the Extreme 19th hole. The tee box can only be reached by helicopter, it’s on top of the Waterberg Mountain! The 19th hole is the longest and highest Par 3 hole in the world! 26 seconds is what it takes for the ball to hit the Africa shaped green some 400 meters below. Adding to the golfing experience are animals such as Impala and Zebra not to mention the fantastic birds often joining during a round of golf. Hanglip-mountain overlooking the golf course is truly spectacular. The modern clubhouse with its fantastic appeal offers many a golfer delectable meals and drinks. I could ill resist!

Legend Golf PhysEQFiT African Tracks Safaris

Our accommodation was luxurious. A variety of accommodation options such as resort rooms, luxury rooms and executive suites are on offer. Mountain View Villa complete with butler, safari guide and vehicle is an exclusive residence perfect for those preferring the finer touches when it comes to a golfing safari. The Legend Hospitality Group also offer for those interested, an opportunity to purchase and own a piece of unspoiled bushveld luxury.

Legend Golf PhysEQFiT African Tracks Safaris

In addition to our golfing safari; horseback safaris, hot air ballooning, helicopter flips, archery, quad biking, mountain biking and cultural village experiences add to the range of activities guests can enjoy. The health spa offers relaxing massages and beauty treatments. For the night owls, the Cave Bar is undoubtedly the place to be.

Legend Golf PhysEQFiT African Tracks Safaris

Our meals were delicious. Chef Petrus and his team treated us to a traditional braai in the Signature boma and the following evening, fine dining in the beautiful Starlight boma. An open-air lunch was exclusively served under the trees against the backdrop of a waterfall, a fantastic setting. A buffet hot breakfast along with pastries, fruits, nuts and yoghurts were served in the Signature Clubhouse. The mouth-watering pastries were my favourite.

Legend Golf PhysEQFiT African Tracks Safaris

Whether you are a corporate looking to host a spectacular event; getting married in the African bush; host a conference, gala or any other function, Legend Golf and Safari Resort has the ideal venue for you. Airconditioned conference venues, extravagant marquees to rustic bomas await. The Starlight boma is my venue of choice. A suspension bridge crossing the waterway allows guests entry to the boma. A starlit sky adds to the ambience, creating that fairy tale moment. Legend Golf and Safari Resort is a must visit. Add it to your bucket list!

Legend Golf PhysEQFiT African Tracks Safaris

Listening to the story of Peet and Mart Cilliers, founders of the Legend Hospitality Group is truly inspiring. Again, I realized, dreams can be turned into reality. Peet grew up in an orphanage, together they had a dream and together they took action to make their dream come true. Today, Peet is living his dream together with his wife and daughters who are all part of the Legend Hospitality Group. The family owns multiple lodges across South Africa, all within 19 years since Peet and Mart Cilliers acted on building their dream.

Thank you to Legend Golf and Safari Resort for a fantastic golfing safari stay.

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Written by Ronel Jooste (and Johan Beukes)

Lifestyle Blogger, Speaker and Coach

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Legend Golf PhysEQFiT African Tracks Safaris

Warrior girl Carina Marx: Life Lessons Learned

There are three words to describe Carina Marx: pretty, modest and pleasant. But throw some obstacles, mud and challenges at this pretty girl and she instantly transforms into a real Warrior girl. Carina has been consistently ranked as one of South Africa’s top performing Obstacle Course Race (OCR) athletes since she started competing in the sport. Carina shared the life lessons she has learned through OCR with PhysEQFiT:

     By Carina Marx

     OCR Elite Athlete

OCR, Obstacle Course Racing, has been a booming sport in the USA and Europe for the last decade. In fact more competitors crossed the OCR finish line last year in the USA than marathon and half marathon competitors combined! We are going on to the 4th year of OCR’s in South Africa and its growing in its popularity by the day drawing thousands of competitors at each event and series of events such as The Warrior, The Impi Challenge, The Grind, The Beast and Battle Rush races. OCR mainly consists of trail running and obstacles. The obstacles themselves can consist of climbing nets, crawling through mud, jumping into water from high platforms, tyre flipping and intricate rope climbs to name but a few. They are based on what the navy seals use to train on.

 Before you say, “Oh no! I would never be able to do that! “, I would like to invite you to come and experience the fun and camaraderie at one of the events. It is not only a physical challenge for yourself, but it will also challenge you mentally. It will return the self-belief and confidence you lost along the way in the relatively mundane existence we follow daily. You are guaranteed to walk away with a new spark for life after an OCR race. I guess that is what made me so addicted to this sport.

 There were a few life lessons I have learned through OCR. The first was a reminder to live again. My first event was that of Rookie race (Rookie race, is a category in the Jeep Warrior race with the shortest distance) with some of my work colleagues. I ended up smiling from ear to ear with a certain sense of achievement. This was a good way to start and I got hooked. For once I felt alive again!

 Another major life lesson was to believe in myself. I struggled with a very low self-esteem and hardly had any confidence in myself throughout life. OCR changed that for me. These days I can overcome obstacles that I could only dream of. It became visible in my daily life and I came to realize that very little is impossible.


OCR has taught me what a healthy and sustainable lifestyle can be. You cannot afford to starve yourself when you train for this type of sport. I still managed to lose 10 kilograms in 18 months, albeit in a healthy way. All the running in my training is a big contribution to weight loss, but I changed my way of eating too. My sports nutritionist, Karlien Duvenhage, is the best. She taught me how to enjoy a balanced diet and still having energy for my 2 to 3 training sessions a day and to lose weight gradually. Lesson learnt: Stop beating yourself up for cheating now and then. It is okay, but don’t overdo it! That is the key!

 After being involved in Obstacle Racing for 3 years, I have learnt to always strive going forward. The only time you look back is to remind yourself how far you have come. Once again it is a great metaphor to describe how I live my life. I believe in growing and moving in a positive direction. Use the failures as learning curves, so you don’t repeat your mistakes.


The last, but most important life lesson I have learnt from OCR was that I had to face my weaknesses and accept myself for who I am. That was probably the hardest thing to do. But since I started facing it I decided to make the best of what God has given me. I had no excuses. I had all my limbs and great health, what was there to stop me? Absolutely nothing! Initially I was too heavy and far from being a runner, but I had a dream to compete alongside the top Black ops Elite ladies (Black ops Elite, is the category for experienced athletes who have to complete all the obstacles unassisted over the longest distance) and today I am living that dream!

Often you are your own biggest obstacle, because ultimately you make your own choices in life. So be careful and make wise decisions. You might be missing out on life and a lot of the pleasures it has to offer. Live with no regrets!

PhysEQFiT Guesthouse is turning 1

By Ronel and Marli Jooste

Owners of PhysEQFiT Guesthouse

I was the Head of Financial Reporting at Momentum Group (became MMI Group after Momentum and Metropolitan merged), when I decided to leave the corporate world in 2015 after 10½ years with the group and pursue new opportunities. Together with my sister, Marli (a registered Psychometrist, Counselling Therapist and coach) we started our own company called PhysEQFiT. We specialize in physical (=Phys), emotional (=EQ) and financial (=Fi) wellness where I focus on financial and physical wellness while Marli look after the emotional wellness.

Marli was already running her private practice from home for about 4 years at the time. When I left the corporate world we needed a bigger property where we both could live and run our offices from. We ended up buying a guesthouse in Zwartkop, Centurion ( It happened unintentionally but I believe if an opportunity comes your way, grab it with both hands and work hard to make it work. Marli and I always dreamt of owning our own guest lodge with a wellness centre one day and I guess this was a step in the right direction; even though for a Chartered Accountant and a Psychometrist to step into the hospitality industry is taking quite a giant leap of faith. In April 2016 after doing renovations and furnishing the guesthouse, we opened our doors and our new journey started.

We certainly faced multiple challenges:

  • We decided to only buy the property and not the previous guesthouse’s book of business. For safety reasons we decided not to advertise on the accommodation websites or allow any walk-in guests. Therefore we had to start from scratch building up a client base and we only relied on referrals – an exceptionally hard job in itself.
  • Moving from an estate environment to a guesthouse where privacy is pretty much non-existent was something to get used to. But we decided we will tolerate it because we want to run the guesthouse ourselves for at least the first 2 years.
  • Owning a big property with 9 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms in total is a maintenance nightmare especially when two girls are running it.
  • We had to get used to the fact that in the hospitality industry it is about the client / guests. If guests say they will arrive at 8:00am; it actually means they can arrive anytime between 7:00am and 10:00am.
  • Running a guesthouse when we have our wellness business to also focus on requires a lot of juggling around and multi-tasking.

Fortunately the highlights overshadowed the challenges:

  • One year later and we have a few regular guests whom we have great relationships with.
  • We hosted quite a few events including conferences, training workshops, ladies groups, bridal showers, birthday parties and year-end functions at the guesthouse.

  • We opened our private gym at the guesthouse for guests and private clients.
  • Nowadays we also offer an in-house mini-spa at the guesthouse after partnering with DD Touch Spa. The spa is popular and we often host groups of ladies for pampering and lunch.

  • We took over two staff members from the previous owner. Joyce and Evah used to be domestic workers (cleaners). We sat down with them asking them about their dreams and aspirations. Joyce wanted to get involved with administration and Evah wanted to learn to cook. Fortunately my partner is a chef and has a catering business. He is assisting us a lot in training the staff to cook and today they can cook and prepare delicious food. Evah completed a cooking course. We are busy teaching Joyce basic computer and administration skills. We spend a lot of time with them teaching them about basic business principles and explaining to them how vital their roles are in the success of the business. They are very loyal and reliable and we all work together as one big team with one goal – to run the business successfully.

  • Our staff member, Evah, made us really proud with her 3rd place in the “Hirsch’s Domestic Worker of the Year” competition.

  • On the catering side we have partnered with Bredies Bites. We have experienced what it is like to cater at big sporting events for up to 1,000 people; catered at a wedding on a farm for 230 guests; catered for 185 guests at their year-end function and catered for the VIP-guests in the bush at the Ashburton National Mountain Bikes series held in Rooiberg and Sabie.


  • We opened a canteen in a corporate office building in Centurion.

  • We appointed a qualified chef, Khensani to assist at the canteen and the guesthouse when we have functions.

  • Our delicious platters are popular and we definitely want to expand on our catering for corporate clients.

It all started with looking around for bigger property and exactly one year later it developed into owning a guesthouse with six guestrooms, a conference venue, a private gym (where I can also live my fitness dream), a mini-spa, offices, an assessment centre (for Marli’s private practice), a canteen and catering services. Hard work is still required to build and grow solid and sustainable businesses, but we have a deep desire to make a success of everything. It was a journey that started unintentionally and we had to build it from scratch without having any experience in the hospitality industry, but we certainly are learning and growing all the time. What a journey it has been!

Why do you have to eat more to lose weight?

By Ashleigh Frost (Lemmer)

Fitness Professional, WBFF Pro, 2 times North American Pro Bikini Champion, 2 times Cover Model

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This is one of the most misunderstood concepts when it comes to nutrition and losing weight. A difficult concept for most people, especially women, to grasp. The human body is fascinating, and once you understand a little bit of the science behind how it works, the easier it will be for you to apply the knowledge and understand the results.

Quite often people dive head first into the latest trend or craze with a diet without doing any research or applying any insight as to why the diet might work or not. 99% of the time, this is why people fail. These types of trends are usually restrictive – too little calories and not sustainable. Even if the diet does work the first time, the process of losing weight too quickly shocks the body into defence mode and once you stop with the diet your body just piles on the kilograms and you end up heavier than when you started with the diet.

The reason you need to eat, at least 6 small meals a day, to lose weight can be explained like this. Your body is a vehicle that needs fuel to function, you cannot expect to put R100 worth of petrol in your car in Johannesburg and expect to drive to Cape Town with it. You are going to need to make a few stops along the way to refuel. The human body is no different. We need to feed it every 3 hours to sustain it and keep it running optimally. If you don’t do this, you are essentially starving the body and then it goes into a state of famine, it holds onto everything it does get, saving some as reserves and converting what it can into fat because there is no structure and it does not know when it will be fed next. However, if you train your body to receive the correct amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates with each meal, your body will use what it needs, and get rid of the rest and in this process it starts to get rid of the unwanted fat as well. Of course this is only optimally true when applied in conjunction with sufficient physical activity and clean foods. All calories are not equal so don’t be fooled into thinking you can eat whatever you want in moderation if it fits your macros.

Contact me if you would like a customized nutrition plan to help you on your way to a better you.