More Savings, More Money


Financial Coaching: More Savings, More Money


The coaching is available face-to-face or online. The coaching programme is available to individuals, couples, groups and at corporate level for employee wellness programmes. The programme can be made applicable to personal finances or small to medium businesses. The programme is made practical for the client to apply in her / his personal situation. Duration of a session / module is 60 – 90 minutes.

Objectives of the Financial Coaching Programme:

  • Coach the participants to become financially independent
  • Coach the participants on how to build wealth
  • Understanding the financial world, financial terms and principles
  • To manage finances more effectively
  • To make better financial decisions
  • To set financial goals and draft a financial plan
  • Although I share knowledge, tips and principles, I also make everything practical to help participants to apply the knowledge
  • My biggest objective is to enable the participants to help themselves

What will you learn from this module:

  • Why is saving important
  • How much should you save
  • Basic saving tips that will help you to build your wealth
  • How to identify opportunities to save more money
  • What to do with your savings

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