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What is Your Financial Dream?

A New Year brings new dreams. We set New Year resolutions. We are ready to take-on new challenges. Popular items on our wish lists usually include goals to live a healthier lifestyle; exercise more frequently; lose weight or spend more time with our loved ones.

The focus is often more on our physical appearance and we tend to ignore our financial wellbeing. We work-out relentlessly to lose those extra kilograms we gained during the December holidays; diligently following an exercise programme or meal plan. We often resist spending time to improve our financial status even though financial difficulty is one of the biggest causes for stress in the majority of households. What is your financial dream though?

  • Maybe you want to become financially stable and no longer have to constantly stress about money?
  • Maybe you want to become debt-free?
  • Will 2018 be the year you are going to buy that dream car?
  • Is buying your first home or maybe upgrading to your dream home on your wish list?
  • Are you dreaming about creating a better lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones in 2018?
  • Do you want to set yourself up to retire comfortably?
  • Are you dreaming about that exotic overseas holiday?
  • Do you want to ensure you put away enough money to pay for your children’s education?
  • Maybe you want to build up a nest egg that will give you peace of mind when something unforeseen happens?
  • Or maybe you want to start with that business on the side to create additional income and can help you to achieve financial freedom?

Take time out to think about your financial dreams. Think about your short-term dreams for 2018 as well as your medium (2-5 years) and longer (5-10 years) term dreams. Write down your financial dreams, no matter how small or big they are. Thereafter create a vision board for yourself with pictures to remind you of all your financial dreams. Put your vision board up on the wall of your bedroom, in your study or at your desk at work where you can see it on a daily basis. The very first step towards making a dream a reality is to start visualizing it.

Written by Ronel Jooste

CA(SA) and Financial Coach

Contact Ronel: ronel@financiallyfitlife.co.za

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