Physical and Emotional Wellness

The PhysEQFiT team owns the PhysEQFiT Guesthouse and Wellness Retreat in Centurion. The Guesthouse offers a beautiful location for a wellness retreat or wellness day – tranquil, safe and peaceful although still centrally situated in the city. The private fitness facility on the premises is ideal for people who enjoy training on their own or with a friend. No contracts, no joining fees, no waiting in queues.

The skills-set of the PhysEQFiT team incorporates a personal trainer, nutrition coach, chef, Psychometrist and life coach that equip them with the expertise to offer the following physical, emotional and general wellness services:

Physical Wellness


·         Private fitness facility at PhysEQFiT Guesthouse and Wellness Retreat

·         Full-body wellness scans

·         Customised exercise programmes and nutritional advice

·         Personal training for individuals and groups

·         Healthy food demonstrations

Emotional Wellness


·         Life coaching

·         Psychometric assessments and development plans

·         Career development and coaching

·         Leadership

Talks and Workshops


·         Talks and Workshops about fitness, nutrition, emotional wellbeing and financial wellness

·         Various topics to choose from or customise according to your needs

·         Applicable to groups, corporates, special events etc.

Wellness Retreats


·         Escape to our PhysEQFiT Guesthouse and Wellness Retreat ( in Centurion where you can rejuvenate, focus on your wellbeing and learn all about living a healthy lifestyle

·         Fitness training sessions and healthy meals

·         Emotional wellness – stress management, emotional intelligence, reflection, managing relationships, life coaching, goal setting

·         Assessments – get to know yourself, your strengths and development areas; your brain profile

·         Financial wellness – how to save, investments, budgeting, building wealth, accounting principles and solutions, entrepreneurship

Wellness Days


·         Host wellness days for individuals, groups or corporates


·         Wellness quizzes

·         Shakes parties

·         Fitness classes

·         Lifestyle challenges

·         Travel the world

·         Customised packages with any one or multiple wellness services listed above


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