PhysEQFiT Wellness

Where Physical, Emotional and Financial Wellbeing Meet

The name, PhysEQFiT, implies the importance of overall wellbeing: Phys = physical wellbeing, EQ = emotional wellbeing,

Fi = financial wellbeing, FiT = all these aspects need to be in balance to enhance your overall wellbeing and lifestyle.

We have a holistic approach towards wellness that covers all these aspects.

Our vibrant colours indicate that holistic wellness is a journey but can be a lot of fun too.

We aspire living a healthy, active, happy and wealthy lifestyle

and we want to inspire and help others to have that too

– Ronel & Marli Jooste

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PhysEQFiT Wellness

Our Story

“We are sisters and best friends. Our dream was to find something in life where we can combine our qualifications, experience, expertise and passions all into one solution and PhysEQFiT was born” 

Ronel says: “I built a successful career as a Chartered Accountant in a senior leadership position at one of the largest listed corporate financial services companies spanning more than a decade. Despite climbing the corporate ladder and earning a lot of money, I was sick often and struggled with injuries when running. I was also not entirely happy and fulfilled. The long hours and extreme pressurized environment eventually had a negative impact on my health and emotional wellbeing. After multiple medical tests, a doctor asked: “When last did you take a break?”  That was my a-ha moment! I realized the importance of holistic wellness – your physical, emotional and financial wellbeing are equally important. All these aspects need to be in balance to achieve ultimate wellbeing.”  

Marli says: “I was within the human capital space and one would have assumed that everything will evolve around the human being. Unfortunately, that was not the case at all. Most corporate processes dismissed uniqueness and rarely touched on soft skills, emotional support or at least showed some sense of empathy. Despite fulfilling leadership roles quite soon in my career, I really struggled to align my deepest passion and ingrained values to that of the day-to-day job expectations. I eventually became quite disengaged and had to put in all effort to drag myself out of bed in the morning. One can only continue that long if your heart and head are not in the same place. It was not before then that I realized the utmost importance of an alignment between one’s job (irrespective of industry or sector) and who you truly are and what you stand for.”    

Ronel and Marli Jooste

Our personal experiences made us realize we were longing (like so many other people) to experience wellbeing on a deeper level in all aspects of our lives. Our desire was to find and live our purpose. We wanted to do more, be more and achieve more. We wanted to make a bigger impact in people’s lives and reach our full potential. We wanted to be healthy, active, happy and financially free. We wanted to live our best lives – the dream lifestyle we envisioned for ourselves and we believe God intended for us to live.

That inspired us to to start our PhysEQFiT journey. Today we combine our qualifications (Ronel as a Chartered Accountant, NeuroCoach and qualified fitness trainer, and Marli with her doctorate in psychology), experience (combined 18 years in corporate and 15 years in business) and passions (for empowering people and leaders, entrepreneurship, finances, wellness and fitness) to guide others on their journey towards holistic wellbeing.