PhysEQFit was a dream that came true for two sisters who not only share a passion for overall wellness but also strive to live by four key principles: make a difference; be an inspiration; be the change you want to see and leave a legacy behind. They believe that their different fields of expertise and qualifications are a unique combination of skills that complement each other in providing a holistic solution.

Ronel Jooste – CA(SA) & Fitness Fanatic

Ronel Jooste is a multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur who has started the FinanciallyFit Group specializing in financial consulting and training. She is the author of the award-winning book ‘Financially Fit and Wealthy’ – a guide to personal financial success. She is passionate about financial education and is using her extensive knowledge as a Chartered Accountant with more than a decade of experience in the corporate financial services industry to help individuals and entrepreneurs to thrive financially.

Ronel is also the co-owner of PhysEQFiT Guesthouse in Centurion and PhysEQFiT Wellness. She has launched a course for start-up businesses showing them all they need to know to start and grow a successful and sustainable business. The Ronel Jooste Dream Foundation aims to take  financial literacy and entrepreneurship to the communities. The Ronel Talks Money show aims to educate viewers about business, investing, financial fitness and creating multiple income streams. 

Ronel is a fitness fanatic and a qualified personal fitness trainer. She has completed numerous races including the Comrades Marathon, Om Die Dam Ultra-marathon, Two Oceans Half-Marathon, 947 Cycling Race, Argus Cycling Race and Amashova Cycling Race.   

Dr Marli Jooste – PhD Psychology

Marli Jooste holds a PhD degree in Psychology from the University of Pretoria. She is a registered Counselling Therapist, Psychometrist and Coach with extensive experience as a personal growth activist across various industries, both nationally and internationally. She believes in unlocking true potential within and eagerly co-journey with individuals and teams alike. Her focus in this regard often includes psychological wellbeing with specific reference to burnout. She is trained across various coaching modalities and is often called upon to assist in personal, business and/or leadership coaching. This is in alignment with the broader strategy and succession planning of the respective coachee’s workplace, as well as management readiness.

Apart from the above, Marli also serves as director of PhysEQFiT (Pty) Ltd., and co-owns with her sister mentioned above, the PhysEQFiT Guesthouse. She was awarded as Country and Regional Winner of the CEO Global Top Pan African Awards as part of ‘Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government’ within the SME sector, as well as most recently a recipient of the Panache 6th Annual Gauteng Women of Wonder and Visionary “I Conquer” Awards.